Endoscopic and Surgical Procedures

The purpose of obesity surgery is to help you lose weight safely and consistantly and therefore improve your overall health and quality of life. 

Weight loss surgery is an option for some people who have exhausted other solutions such as dieting and exercise and are at risk of developing or have already developed obesity related health conditions.

At North Queensland Obesity Surgery Centre we perform multiple procedures.

  1. Laparoscopic Sleeve Gastrectomy
  2. Endoscopic ORBERA Intragastric Balloon (non-surgical) plus medical weightloss medication 
  3. Single Anastomosis Duodeno-ileal Bypass (SADI)
  4. Laparoscopic Adjustable Gastric Banding

These procedures are restrictive and performed either endoscopically or laparoscopically. Endoscopic procedures are scar-free and laparascopic procedures usually consist of five very small (3mm-12mm) and often unnoticable incisions and when well managed, faint scars. 

Restrictive weight-loss surgery works by reducing the amount of food consumed at one time. It does not interfere with the normal digestion of food. The theory is simple,  when you feel full, you are likely to stop eating and therefore, consume less food and calories.

Patients who have undergone a Laparoscopic Sleeve Gastrectomy (LSG) have reduced feelings of hunger. We have comprehensive evidence that the portion of the stomach which is removed during surgery, is the area which produces the 'hunger' hormome, ghrelin. The non-production of the ghrelin hormone means LSG patients do not feel hungry and deprived. The results, LSG patients eat less and in many cases, lose weight more easily.

For detailed information on both laparoscopic procedures please click on the links below:

Gastric Bypass is a procedure sometimes performed in the United States. It is major open surgery and is both a restrictive and malabsorptive operation, which can be especially effective on super obese patients. We do not perform gastric bypass at North Queensland Obesity Surgery Centre. Should you decide Gastric Bypass surgery is what you want, please contact us for information and subsequent Surgeon referral.

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